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Water & Fire Damage Mitigation/Restoration

24 Hour make safe/mitigation services. Specialised Restoration of structures and contents affected by water or soot ingress.

Water Ingress Mitigation

Well equipped with the latest water extraction and drying equipment, used by well trained, dedicated staff, ADR are prepared to provide 24 hour mitigation services to the greater Sydney region. Standard procedures are executed during all water ingress recovery projects, which include the collection of moisture level data, uplifting of furniture, positioning drying equipment efficiently, photographs, floor plans and detailed reports.

Water ingress Restoration

Once the mitigation is under-way, the Restoration can commence. ADR staff are experienced in the inspection
and evaluation of water damaged structure and contents, therefore they are able to determine when
Restoration is viable and when it is not. This can save hours of time and potential costs on any water damage

Fire/soot/smoke damage Mitigation

Soot can have a serious detrimental effect on some materials, such as pitting or staining in aluminium
windows etc, therefore any fire damage claim should be attended to as soon as possible to mitigate further
loss by removing soot from sensitive materials such as aluminium or steel. ADR have been providing urgent
soot mitigation services for almost two decades and are well equipped to respond to our customers
mitigation requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Fire/soot/smoke damage Restoration
Restoration of fire and/or soot affected structure and contents is a very specialised process. The first objective
is to determine what type of soot has affected the contents or structure, then apply the appropriate
Restoration methods to suit the type of affectation.
Through numerous years of experience in the Restoration of fire and soot affected materials,
ADR have developed very efficient and cost effective methods to remove the soot and the extremely difficult
to remove odours, to return the contents or structure to a pre-Event state, usually for a fraction of the cost of

Manifesting and pack-out of contents

With all contents Restorations claims for water or fire damage, it is crucial that all stake-holders have an
accurate record of the items removed from the Insured’s site. All ADR Operators are fully trained in ADR’s
standard procedures for accurate manifesting of contents which are removed from the Insured (either
domestic or commercial).
All manifests are complied electronically including a detailed description, a unique barcode and are
accompanied with a photo of the item.
During the manifesting process, items requiring Restoration or further
evaluation by electronics technicians etc., are flagged accordingly within the system for the attention and
further action of the specialists in each Practice.

With more than 20 years experience providing professional Restoration services to the Australian Insurance industry, you can “Rest Assured” with ADR.


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