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Document Restoration & Remediation 

Specialised treatment of water, soot or mould affected documents and records.

Fire Damage Restoration

ADR have established time-proven methods for the effective removal of soot from documents involved in fire events. The process involves a number of stages which remove the residual soot and smoke odours from the affected paperwork.

Water Damage Restoration

Documents and Records are often affected by water ingress Events such as flooding or burst pipes. Prompt and appropriate treatment of these affected documents is crucial to the survival and long term archival of the records. ADR has a purpose-built document processing facility for safe and effective drying of paper- based documents and records.

The document processing facility contains several environmentally controlled chambers used to dry, store, protect and monitor wet documents during different stages of treatment.

Mould Damage Restoration

Documents that are made wet by an ingress and not dried within an appropriate time frame will inevitably grow mould on them. Mould can be detrimental to the longevity of documents and records if not treated correctly, as the mould can permanently stain and eventually break down the fibres of the paper. ADR can offer comprehensive Remediation services for documents contaminated by any mould. Our process incorporates the use of application specific environmentally controlled chambers as well as specially engineered down-draft tables, designed to remove all active and/or inactive mould spores. Biological samples are collected and sent to a mycology laboratory for analysis and report at the completion of all document mould Remediation projects. The purpose of this is to provide all stake-holders with a Clearance Test Certificate based on scientific data.

Document cataloguing and tracking

ADR is capable of processing very large volumes of documents or records within our facility. All document projects are tracked and managed using an application specific software cataloguing system incorporating unique barcodes. This enables our Operators to locate any file at anytime throughout the drying, Restoration or Remediation process. ADR has conducted document restoration and digitisation services for many Insurers, NSW Government departments such as universities and hospitals and the private sector, we therefore have a clear understanding of the restrictions which govern the treatment of documents which are regulated by Government. ADR is recognised as a leader in this field with a purpose built document facility in Sydney, also offering most document recovery services on a nationwide basis.

Document Digitisation

The electronic information age is now well and truly upon us, therefore most contemporary organisations are feeling pressure from internal and external stakeholders, to share information in electronic formats rather than paper. To achieve this requirement it is sometimes necessary to convert paper-based documents and records, or even old books, into digital data files for easy archiving or sharing, e.g.: membership forms, employee, student or patient records, client applications, catalogues, instruction manuals, reference books, etc. Once documents are converted to digital format they are quicker and easier to access, catalogue, manage, distribute, and occupy far less physical storage space. ADR has a state of the art document and book scanning facility to convert all types of physical documents, charts, books, etc. to various electronic media formats, e.g. Tiff, Jpeg, PDF and PDF-A. Files can also be created to conform to various Government Authorities’ standards for use in any electronic information systems, particularly public service systems. ADR’s document processing facility is capable of digitising large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, using specifically designed software and hardware. ADR has designed specific highly secure systems to assist in the cataloguing of documents and records. These procedures utilise barcoding systems to electronically track each document during digitising, restoration,
archiving or transport to/from our facility. A sophisticated book scanning system has been developed to convert books to electronic data files without dismantling or damaging the original bound volume. ADR are widely considered the industry experts in document recovery and remediation and have many years experience handling important documents damaged by water, mould or soot. When applicable (authorised by specific governing regulators), digitisation can be a cost effective way to avoid time consuming Remediation of damaged documents or records, whilst facilitating the preservation of important information.

With more than 20 years experience providing professional Restoration services to the Australian Insurance industry, you can “Rest Assured” with ADR.


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